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Getting To Cancun

Check the usual suspects of travel websites (Orbitz, Travelocity) and discount airlines (Frontier Airlines) with service to Cancun for airfare deals. Don't forget to check with the charter and vacation services (Apple Vacations, Funjet Vacations) for air only deals!

Flights from the US are generally less than 5 hours in length.

Travel Documents (US travellers)

Passports will be required by January 1, 2008. So get yours now.

Find a application processing location.

New passport application information.

Renew previous passport information here.

Pack Your Bags

Sample List:

  • 2 Swimsuits - Don't put on a wet suit.
  • Casual Wear - Shopping or Sightseeing.
  • Evening Wear - Fancy Dinner?
  • Beach Shoes - Handle the sand.
  • Walking Shoes - Climbing ruins or walking the market.

Exchange Money

  • Exchange some money before you depart for Cancun.
  • Leverage your bank's exchange rate by using your Credit card or Bank card for transactions.
  • Don't exchange money at the airport.
  • Don't accept torn or taped bills. They are worthless.

Cancun Transportation

There are a variety of options for transportation to and from the Cancun airport and within Cancun.

  • Taxi: Flagging down is cheapest. Always agree on price before leaving.
  • Bus: Runs frequently and is very cheap. Keep your peso coins for the bus. Can get crowded at shift changes and during Spring Break.
  • Car Rental: Be careful! Get full insurance coverage, closely inspect the car for damage, ensure the car has license plates. *When getting gas, make sure the pump is zeroed before the attendant pumps.

Always check your seat when leaving your mode of transportation! Anything left will most likely not be seen again.

You can find more information regarding airport transportation at CancunValet.com.


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